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Project Development & Financing
KED Group, LLC is a multi-disciplined consulting firm specialized in infrastructure and trade development projects worldwide. KED is comprised of a highly experienced group of consultants in the areas of infrastructure, finance and design. The firm offers a full spectrum of services to clients from the public and private sector for the assessment, development, implementation and financing of projects.

Feasibility Studies  
Master Plans
Economic Impact Studies
Demand Forecasting  
Privatization and PPPs
Environmental Review  
Market Research   
Financial Analysis
Financing Assistance
Program Management

Our Markets


KED Group engages in projects that foster economic development and trade between emerging and developed markets. Our key staff has worked with entities such as U.S. Trade and Development Agency, the International Finance Corporation, the U.S. Department of Transportation and many other institutions in projects that have promoted increased connectivity, regional economic development and regulatory initiatives to increase safety, quality of life and trade conditions in Africa, Eurasia, Asia  and Latin America. We understand that private sector participation is fundamental in international development and work hand-in-hand with private sector to forge long-lasting public-private partnerships that allow for sustainable growth and make a true difference.

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The KED Team has worked in over 30 countries in the Americas, Asia, Europe and Africa.


    Trade Development 

    KED Group also provides trade development services for foreign  
    companies interested in the U.S. market or U.S. companies reaching
    out to foreign clients and partners. We assist firms in identifying
    potential business opportunities, clients and partners; gathering
    market intelligence and; developing business strategies to enter a
    foreign market.

Latest News

Monday, September 17, 2014 
Press release: Columbia – South Carolina and Santa Monica, California, USA

KED Group and Air Transport Business Development Inc. today announce a strategic agreement combining their respective airport and airline contract and consulting expertise for a global customer base. Both companies have a depth of experience in the air transport sector that are complimentary and valuable for customers facing combined airline-airport challenges. The combined companies can offer the following hands-on experience and qualifications: 

  • 45+ professionals with 1,200+ years of airline and airport experience. 
  • In business since 2002. 
  • 100+ Experience from number of airlines, manufacturers and airline suppliers 
  • 25+ start up airlines, 50+ small/medium size airlines supported 
  • 80+ airports projects supported 
  • 54 countries experience, 7 languages spoken 
  • 60+ FAA / ICAO Licenses and authorities 
  • 50,000+ pilot flight hours 
  • 2,000+ transport aircraft, sold, leased out, purchased, leased in and acquired 
  • US Ex-Im Bank approved program to support US jobs and international exports 

Unlike many companies in the field, the combined KED-ATBD partnership offers proven, practical, hands-on, airline and airport experience from a variety of airports and airlines in many countries. This experience is uniquely adaptable to customer’s individual challenges, rather than a standard supplier solution. 

KED President, Grace Kalil commented, "KED Group is pleased to form a strategic alliance with ATDB - an airline advisory services market leader. We are sure that such association will allow to us to provide our global airline and civil aviation clients with enhanced solutions to foster commercial growth at their airports, maximize the use of infrastructure and promote economic development through aviation."  

 ATBD CEO, Bill Kostel noted, “ATBD is delighted and proud to close a strategic agreement with a company as capable and accomplished as KED Group. Many companies and entities, particularly in developing regions of the world face interlinked airline and airport problems. The KED-ATBD partnership is the perfect, one-stop solution to maximize air transport safety, reliability and efficiency.” 

ATBD - KED can also offer qualified international customers support with aircraft, equipment and airport financing through the US EX-IM Bank program that offers financing, payment in local currency and other facilities that support US jobs, products and services.