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Angola - GE Locomotive Modernization Program
KED assisted the U.S. Trade and Development Agency to develop a program for rehabilitation of 22 GE U20C locomotives to be placed back into service. This project is expected to provide U.S. firms with opportunities of export of specilized parts and services valued at $30 million exclusive of maintenance contracts and support.

ROMATSA NextGen Aviation Technologies
The KED Team provided assistance in a program for the implementation of NextGen Technologies (ADS-B, WAM and LAAS) in Romania. The program was developed in coordination with the Romanian air traffic services provider, ROMATSA, and industry stakeholders. Read More....

Central Region Airport Development Program, Mexico
Working with Aeropuertos y Servicios Auxiliares de Mexico, the KED Team conducted a technical and financial assessment of five airports in the Central Region and provided recommendations for a focused marketing effort. Read More....

Morocco Essaouira 5 MW Solar PV Plant  
KED Group  funding of a technical assistance for a 5 MW pilot photovoltaic (PV) plant in Essaouira. The primary objective of this project is to demonstrate small-scale application of PV technologies for towns and villages throughout Morocco and provide a baseline for evaluating solar PV for implementation of similar size and scope projects throughout the country. It is anticipated that this project would be a highly replicable activity and that similar projects will be implemented in the near future based on this experience and any “lessons learned” obtained during implementation.

PROAR Airport System Development Program for Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Technical and financial analysis for a study that would establish a roadmap for development of the regional airport system and increase trade among the Mercosur region and within Brazil, promoting tourism, increasing access to the state’s rural areas and creating multimodal transportation systems. Read More.....

Ghana Trade Infrastructure Development
Sponsored by the U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) and the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), this mission was aimed at identifying initiatives for funding of projects that would reduce poverty and enhance economic development in the agricultural and energy sectors in the country. Recommendations were made for the implementation of a leasing sector market study which obtained support from the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

Royal Air Maroc Hub Modernization Plan
Evaluation of three projects for which Royal Air Maroc, Morocco's flag carrier, had requested funding. An evaluation of the technical and financial feasibility of these projects, along with an inspection of existing infrastructure, was conducted by KED. Read More....

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Vietnam Transportation Sector Assessment
The KED Team led a trade mission to identify projects for potential grant funding in Vietnam. The mission included an analysis of ports, airports, and rail projects throughout the country.

Air Jamaica Privatization Program
The KED Team participated in the assessment of a project to privatize Jamaica's air carrier. The project would also result in significant exports for U.S. Companies. Read More: Air Jamaica Privatization Program.

Ceara Cargo Facility, Brazil
The KED Team worked with the Agencia de Desenvolvimiento do Estado do Ceara, S.A. (ADECE) in developing and financing a study to assess the viability of building a small cargo aerodrome by Fortaleza’s port. This Project aimed at supporting cargo activities in the region, especially the transport of perishable items (flowers, fruits, vegetables) which was constraint by capacity at Fortaleza’s main airport, resulting in lost products for small businesses.
Ceara Cargo Facility Project Details

Quito Airport Security Program
The KED Team develop a technical and financial (capital improvement plan) program for airport security at the Mariscal Sucre in Quito, Ecuador. The project provided recommendations to comply with international standards, including those of ICAO Annex 17. Read More: Quito Airport Security Program

Smart Grid Project for Morocco
In response to recent initiatives regarding the expansion of generation through renewable energy sources, KED Group worked with the Office of National Electricity (ONE) to obtain a grant for a technical assistance project that would support a series of planning areas that include grid management, energy storage and demand forecasting. KED has worked closely with ONE to develop a project that incorporates key components of this request, while maximizing the opportunity for showcasing U.S. technologies, services and

MARD Food Security and Distribution Management System
KED worked with Vietnam’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) in order to develop a program aimed at establishing a number of strategies, plans and systems that would effectively deal with food security risks and enhance collaborations with NGOs, donors, provinces, transportation providers and other stakeholders by recommending institutional capacity building needs, potential technologies, equipment and systems that would facilitate and improve MARD's operations. This project has a significant developmental impact as MARD states that about 13 million people are below the official poverty line and 6 million are below the MARD food poverty line.

Panama Aviation Sector Assessment
The KED Group conducted an airport development mission in Panama to determine the most critical projects for funding by the U.S. Trade and Development Agency. Read More on our mission completed in early 2011: Panamanian Airport Program

Chile NextGen Technologies Implementation
This project was aimed at evaluating an implementation program for the application of ADS-B and LAAS airspace technologies in 12 locations throughout Chile and resulted in the recommendation of over US$1 million in funding. These technologies will allow the use of Global Navigation Satellite System signals to provide air traffic controllers and pilots with much more accurate information to help keep aircraft safely separated in the sky and on runways. Read More on this program: Chile ADS-B and Next Gen Technologies Implementation