KED Group
Project Development & Financing

Key Services

KED Group works in close coordination with clients to provide project development and financing services. Our firm can assist clients in a wide range of projects, complementing skills with technical specialists in all areas of infrastructure. Our key services include:
Project Scoping and Preparation - Perhaps the most important phase of strategic planning is to identify the scope of any project. KED assists our clients in establishing project objectives, conducting due diligence and defining a scope of work for their projects. 
    - Project Identification
    - Project Budgeting
    - Preparation of RFPs
    - Master Plans
    - Business Plans

Project Viability Assessment - KED provides a number of services to ensure the technical and financial viability of projects. 

    - Demand Analysis    
    - Market and SWOT Analyses 
    - Capacity Assessments 
    - Technology Assessments

Project Financing - KED works closely with clients to ensure that adequate financial plans are in place, assisting in the identification of potential financiers and investors. 

    - Financial Analysis and Modeling
    - Sensitivity/Scenario Analyses 
    - Capital Improvement Programs 
    - Identification and Evaluation of Financing Options 
    - Privatization Studies / PPP Projects

Design and Program Management - Our engineering team provides a wide range of design and program management services for transportation infrastructure and renewable energy projects. 

Our firm will work with governments and public sector representatives in project auditing, construction management and contract negotiations.
Trade Development Services - KED offers a wide range of services for U.S. companies interested in foreign markets and international companies entering the U.S. market.

    - Demand and Market Analysis 
    - Identification of Business Opportunities 
    - Research and Intelligence 
    - Identification of Potential Partners and Representatives
    - Due Diligence of Clients and Partners 
    - Preparation of Proposals 
    - Translations (Spanish, Portuguese and French)

Our team relies on its experience in over 30 countries around the world. It is through this experience that we have built the partnerships, knowledge and expertise needed to provide our clients with services of the highest quality.